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  • T-1000

    T-1000 & T-1000W (Wide) Advanced Poly-Bagger™

    The T-1000 Advanced Poly-Bagger™ is our “top-of-the-line bagger”. It is no wonder the T-1000 is also our best-selling machine! Designed for long or short runs, the T-1000 has the capability of cycling over 100 bags per minute, faster than any operator could manually feed. The T-1000 is also fast enough to keep up with automatic infeed equipment including vibratory bowl counters, scales and infeed conveyors. The T-1000 Advanced Poly-Bagger™ is also designed to run inline with punch/stamp presses, injection mold machines, blister machines and other continuous feed manufacturing equipment for inline bagging.

  • T-1000M Medical Bag Sealer

    The T-1000 Medical bagger incorporates all the features of the T-1000 standard baggers including Touch Screen operation with “pop-up” windows, components saver, job save features, production graphs and troubleshooting technical support messages. The T-1000 Medical Advanced Poly-Bagger™ also includes options and features required for medical validation for seal integrity.
    Advanced poly packaging model T-1000 medical poly bagger sealer
    • Solid bronze, 1/4″ constant heat seal bar.

  • T-200 Table Top Bag Sealer

    Throw away your hand sealer, and double your production or more! With our T-200 Tabletop Bagger-Sealer, you will increase production, simplify the bagging operation and decrease packaging costs.

    Package fasteners, electronic components, literature, manuals, various foods, jewelry, craft items and more! By using our Pre-Opened Bags on Rolls, instead of loose bags, simply pull the bag into the loading and sealing position, and the bag blows open! Now insert the product and press a foot-switch or guard-switch (guard tilts downward cycling the bagger) to seal the bag. It’s just that simple, and quick!

  • T-275

    The T-275 Automatic Tabletop Bagger offers increased packaging speed and further automation. The T-275 Automatic Tabletop Bagger automatically and quickly feeds the bag into the loading/sealing position and blows it open making the bag ready to accept the product. So just insert the product and press the guard-switch or foot switch to seal the bag and feed another into position.

    Digital controls indicate Auto (Paced Rate) or Manual (Foot-switch or Guard-Switch) cycle operation. Total Cycle Counter with Reset, Seal Time, Fill Time Delay and Seal Point. Set points are saved and automatically recalled when power is shut off.
    Advanced poly packaging model T-275 table top poly bagger

  • T-300

    Our smallest, fully automatic bagger offers increased production capabilities. We pack a lot of features into this bagger, including touch-screen operation, “pop-up” messaging, Job Save / Recall and Interface to auto infeed equipment.

    Automatic indexing, sealing, tear-off or continuous strips of bags are possible.
    Advanced poly packaging model T-300 table top poly bagger

  • T-375

    Automatic Tabletop Bagger/Printer “Next Bag Out”

    In addition to all the features of the T-300, the
    T-375 incorporates a thermal transfer printer for
    “next-bag-out” printing. This patented feature allows for printing, just prior to loading which guarantees accurate labeling. You can now package quantities
    of just one part number!