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  • Clam Shell Sealer

    The Clam Shell Sealer is equipped with two heated 3/8″ wide and 10mm long serrated jaws. It has two temperature settings, 180 & 210 degree C (350 & 450 degree F). Ideal for sealing poly packing cases such as clam shell and other similar types of containers. Handles remain cool during operation. The sealer can be used in the voltage range of 100-240v.

  • Quppa Clam Shell Ultrasonic Sealer

    Quppa Clam Shell Ultrasonic Sealer

    The Ultrasonic Hand Held Sealer offers the fastest hand held method for sealing clam shells. Dual heat multi-purpose hand held ultrasonic heat sealer. Ideal for sealing thin clam shells or for tacking. No waiting time to preheat. Spot seals OPS, PSP, PVC, HIPS, PPF, PP, and A-PET materials.

    Easy to operate. Turn the unit on. Place the package to be spot welded between the points on the handset and depress. Move to the next place to be spot-welded on the package and repeat. The clam shell is spot-welded by ultrasonic waves. Clam Shell Hand Held Sealer