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  • Find Glass and Metal in Frozen Vegetables

    Finding small pieces of metal can be a daunting challenge for the best metal detectors and finding other material such as glass impossible. Our X-ray technology and processing software can find very small pieces of unwanted material with ease.

    Safeline X-Ray equipment running on our conveyor machine successfully discovered these contaminants and removed the pouch at a conveyor speed of 200 ft/min.

  • Safeline X-33 X-Ray Machine


    The X-33 Series machines are intended for inspection of packaged products. These systems use a vertical view of the product.

    X-33 is optimized for the low intensity “soft-X-ray” energy range. When coupled with it’s unique high dynamic range detection system, unparalleled image discrimination is achieved. Construction is 100% lead free therefore eliminating any hazardous material consideration.